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iPhone 15 Rumors: The Interesting You Need to Know

Apple may have just revealed the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro lineups. But, that does not end the rumor. The latest information about the successor is always flowing. Here are the rumors that may be true for the iPhone 15:

iphone 15 rumors

No Lightning Port

Apple has spent a decade using the lightning port. So, it is reasonable to leave it and use the US-C. The company will replace the old 30-pin connector and offer some innovative features such as a reversible port and a water-tight enclosure.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the supply chain analysts stated that Apple has a choice to introduce the USB-C to complete the iPhone in 2023. It is not clear yet if it is based on supply chain data or a big leak, but he did explain he conducted a survey.

Also, rumors indicated that Apple will leave all ports from the iPhone lineup in the future and they will never use the USB-C. At the end of 2022, Apple is still launching its products with a Lightning Port. The newest AirPods Pro 2 still goes with the connector.


Apple may remove the physical connector in favor of the alternatives like Qi charging, smart connectors, MagSafe charging, and wireless data transfer. Up to now, there is no ultimate reason why Apple will remove a physical connector, but like the headphone jack, the company may go with more internal space for components. Additionally, the USB-C port may get the waterproof feature, but no connector at all will improve the water integrity.

iphone 15 portless

For Apple to create a portless iPhone, users must get suitable alternatives. Currently, the port is used for many things such as SD card dongles or musical recording tools. Apple is not likely to remove the vital functionality from the iPhone. Another possible solution is to add a magnetic Smart Connector just like some iPad products.

Other than that, Apple still has a MagSafe accessory system to use. The current iteration only works for power transfer on the iPhone 13. But a future vision can get some data transfer elements, as well.

By 2023, AirPLay, Bluetooth Accessories, and Wireless data transfer could be improved. This way will help the company to stop using the physical connector.

The Comeback of Touch ID

When Apple introduced the iPhone X, they also replaced the Touch ID with the Face ID. The ultimate reason at that time was to activate the all-screen display without Home Button. Apple also explained Face ID offered better security than Touch ID, with many chances of a wrong positive unlock.

However, the Face ID worked by using the user’s nose, eyes, and mouth to unlock a device. This answered the problem of unlocking an iPhone without fingers. Now, users cannot easily unlock their phones using their faces for any reason. Users then demanded Apple to use the Touch ID.

iphone 15 touch id

Apple launched a new version of the Touch ID for the ipad Air 4, and the iPad mini 6 and then moved the touch ID to its power button. This completed the speculation that Apple would include the Touch ID in their iPhone 13’s power button.

Rumors show that Apple has been developing a Touch ID solution for the iPhone, but they will not use it in the power button. Ming-Chi Kuo explains that Apple will use Touch ID by 2023. This technology was for the iPhone 14, but they have kept it for the new iPhone 15 rumors.

Periscoping Cameras

A new camera system could work on the iPhone 15 to activate more optical zoom. The iPhone could go with a much longer zoom. What you need to do is utilize a folding camera system with the device. So, they will get more space between the sensor and the lens. Sadly, there is no clear information on whether it will replace the existing Telephoto lens or not. Also, Apple has a big possibility of adding a fourth lens with this capacity.

Kuo unveiled another report in December 2021, restating that the iPhone 15 rumors may go with a periscope lens system. It is still not clear whether it is an improvement to the current telephoto lens or whether there will be a new fourth lens.

Based on the supply chain reports unveiled in Apple 2022, multiple companies have been pushed to generate components for a periscope camera system. The components are probably for the iPhone 15.

Apple 5G

In the interim, Apple has added Qualcomm to offer 5G modems to their iPhone products. However, this can be a short-term partnership because Apple has a big expectation to use their modems in 2023.

Apple wants to control its device experience from the top to the bottom. It also goes for the modem which can be beneficial for their users. Not only will it be more affordable to go with in-house modems, but also makes Apple better capacity to integrate the modem technology into their custom Apple Silicon.

iPhone 15 Fold

We can say that there is a new market, and it is popular as the “foldable”. But, there are still many problems related to the technology, such as the creased display, and the poorly optimized software, and it is still a fresh market. Apple does not enter a market until they can make sure the usual quality of the company is promoted.

iphone 15 fold

Apple has the capability to offer the “iPhone Fold” which could release in 2023 as an ultra-premium in their iPhone 15 series. It could be the most expensive product from the iPhone, around $1,500 for the base.

Apple has a big commitment to developing a specific technology, like folding devices. They can develop new technology, including folding batteries and bendable displays.

Dynamic Island

With the coming of the iPhone 14, it is easier to guess the 2023 iPhone lineup. Apple did not do a redesign for their most recent models. But they upgraded the display technology together with the bigger camera.

iphone 15 dynamic island

Dynamic Island is the highlight that creates a gap between the iPhone 14 Pro models. Apple has replaced the notch with a pill and a hole punch sensor housing for the display. Eventually, they did not show the separate elements. Instead, Apple connected them using Dynamic Island, an innovative software element.

This feature is available for the pro models. But there is a big rumor that Apple will do away with the notch entirely for the iPhone 15 products. It means that all iPhones will use Dynamic Island in the next year.

iPhone 15 Release Date and Price

As long as the economy does not change too much, they could send the iPhone 15 to the market in 2023. Apple could offer a new storage tier that is about 2 TB for the iPhone to create available space for demanding features, such as the ProRes video.

That could give an iPhone’s price around $2,000. Additionally, the iPhone 15-Fold would be available as an Ultra-Premium model with a starting price of about $1,499. We expect that Apple will release its iPhone 15 series in September 2023.

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